We are happy to announce that this year, the esteemed conference MELPRO, traditionally held biennially in Prague, will be integrated into the highly respected EuroMembrane conference. Recognized as a top event in the membrane technology field, EuroMembrane is known for gathering the brightest minds and the latest innovations. To ensure the membrane science community remains united, MELPRO will be a part of EuroMembrane for this edition.

This collaboration represents an extraordinary opportunity for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of membrane technology. By bringing together MELPRO’s specialized focus and EuroMembrane’s international stature, we are setting the stage for an unparalleled exchange of knowledge, ideas, and advancements.

The conference will be held in Prague and will continue the tradition of MELPRO while accepting the challenge and prestige of EuroMembrane. We are curious to see how this collaboration will enrich the experience of all participants and move the membrane technology industry forward.

We cannot wait to welcome you to Prague for what promises to be an unforgettable gathering of the membrane community, and we look forward to welcoming MELPRO supporters at the conference MELPRO 2026.