Euromembrane 2024

AN European Membrane society EVENT
Europe’s most important membrane conference


8-12 SEPtember 2024

Starting 08:00 AM


Czech Republic

Prague Congress Centre

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Explore the latest innovations of membrane processes and meet experts from around the world in one place!

Late poster submission is still open

The extended deadline for poster abstract submission is July 31.

Research for impact –⁠ membrane processes help solving today’s issues

Euromembrane 2024 is an academic conference that aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from different fields and industries who are interested in membrane processes. Watch the invitation from EMS President Elena Tocci!

Water scarcity, reuse and ZLD technologies

Membrane processes can help with desalinating seawater or brackish water, treating wastewater and recovering valuable resources, and minimizing liquid waste and maximizing water recovery.

Resources recycling, also known as urban mining

Membrane processes can help with separating valuable metals or chemicals from waste streams,and creating new products from recycled materials.

Energy savings and novel ways of energy storage

Membrane processes can help with reducing the energy consumption of separation processes, and enabling new types of batteries, such as redox flow batteries or lithium-air batteries.

The conference will also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among the participants, as well as showcase the latest developments and innovations in membrane processes.

See a short selection of topics below, however check the complete overview of EuroMembrane topics for the full list.

Membrane materials, Industrial application of membranes, Membrane processes, Theory of transport and modelling, Specifical uses of membranes, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse osmosis, Forward osmosis, Pressure retarded osmosis, Organic solvent nanofiltration, Membrane reactors, Membrane bio-reactors, Membrane contactors and membrane distillation, Gas separation, Pervaporation and vapor permeation, Electromembrane processes, Membrane emulsification, Membrane fouling and cleaning, Transport models, Fluid dynamics, Module design, Fuel cells. 3D printing of membranes, Novel membrane materials, 1D and 2D materials for membranes, Inorganic membranes, Biomimetic and bioinspired membranes, Aging of polymeric membranes, Advanced fabrication methods, Facilitated transport membranes, New characterization methods, Environmental applications, Industrial applications and scale-up, CO2 capture, Bio-separations and bio-refinery, Bio-medical applications, Drinking water, Wastewater treatment, Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Food processing, Paper and pulp industries.

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EuroMembrane is an EMS event, international conference focused on membrane science and technology.

It brings together researchers, engineers, and industry professionals from around the world to discuss the latest advances in membrane technologies, including development, and applications.

Liberecký kraj

The Governor of Liberecký kraj, Martin Půta, has granted his kind patronage to the International Conference EuroMembrane 2024.

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