Euromembrane 2024 will take place in September next year, which gives you enough time to visit related events. Check them out and meet new professionals in the meantime.


March 25–31, 2023
Venue São Miguel, Azores Islands​

ImagineMembrane aims to be a platform for discussing actual and future challenges in membrane science and technology, and particularly the role of membrane materials and technology within the context of the water-energy-food nexus. For this purpose, ImagineMembrane will take place in an environment that fosters exchange and with ample time to do so. A strong emphasis of ImagineMembrane is on the next-generation membrane researchers which are strongly encouraged to participate in this conference.

The conference is supported by both the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) and the EUROPEAN MEMBRANE SOCIETY(EMS), and we therefore chose symbolically a location in between both: the Azores Islands.

ICOM 2023

July 9–14, 2023
Venue Makuhari messe, Chiba, Japan
13th international congress on membranes and membrane processes

The ICOM membrane conference is a biennial event that brings together researchers, engineers, and practitioners from academia and industry to share the latest advances in membrane science and technology. The conference covers a wide range of topics, such as membrane synthesis and characterization, membrane separation and purification, membrane reactors and bioreactors, membrane fouling and cleaning, membrane modeling and simulation, and membrane applications in various fields. The conference also provides a platform for networking and collaboration among the membrane community.

3rd International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Innovating Membrane Operationsin Desalination and Water Reuse

April 23–26, 2023
Hilton Sorrento Palace hotel & Conference Center Sorrento (NA), Italy

Membrane contactors represent an emerging technology that can lead to significant innovation in processes and products, thus offering new opportunities in the design, rationalization and optimization of innovative productions. Among the different operations, membrane distillation (MD) and related technologies represent a powerful tool to improve current production processes with fundamental benefits in terms of process efficiency and products quality.

The Workshop is organized (as the previous ones) by the Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM).

All relevant membrane contactors operations and their relevant aspects (from new membranes synthesis to modelling of the transport mechanisms, combination with alternative energy sources and applications) will be discussed.

The purpose of the Workshop is to share the latest research works and technological advances in the field and its’ areas of application. A compelling program, featuring an interesting line-up of international speakers that will present in-depth information about the latest technologies and products will characterize the event.

NAMS A New Era of Sustainable Membrane Innovation

May 13–17, 2023
The university of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

NAMS is the only professional society in North America that promotes all aspects of membrane science and technology. This ranges from fundamental studies of membrane material science to process application and development.


August 7–September 1, 2023
Prague conference center, Czech Republic

EuropaCat has established itself as a pivotal gathering for scientists and researchers from both academia and industry across Europe. It serves as a vital platform for discussing significant challenges in catalysis and related industrial sectors. In an era marked by rapid changes, the increasing global population, evolving needs, and the diminishing availability of resources to meet societal demands underscore the urgency for rapid advancements in resource utilization and sustainability.

Addressing these challenges necessitates bold and innovative ideas that can catalyze development. Such initiatives, primarily driven by industry, are crucial for translating these ideas into practical solutions that benefit humanity.

The conference is anticipated to draw over 1,500 participants from various catalysis disciplines, encompassing both academic and industrial expertise. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging student involvement, representing the next generation of scientists and researchers.